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Since its establishment on January, 2001 Pacific Divers is located about 15 minutes by walk from the center of Koror Island.We proudly offer services with our hospitality motto "From manderin fish to Manta ray!".
Open terrace that can be walked in straight from the sea, hot shower, female dressing room, and FREE Wi-Fi inside the store is also equipped.Everything is ready for you to spend relaxing time after the tour.How about a barbecue while watching sunset?Please feel comfortable here and enjoy the tropical wind with us!

お店の外観です! 桟橋から上がってくるとそこには広々としたオープンテラスが皆さまをお待ちしています!!!



Pacific divers is full of tropical items and plants.
We have such a relaxing Palau vibes here.
Please let us inform you about everything we can offer from interesting souvenirs to fun barbecue and more!

Tour menus. Customers gather for diving plans.

A gift shop. There are items that can only be found here.

We have four washing tubs for equipments. Check your submergence camera here before the tour.

With a spacious terrace with a view.

Dive boat 38 ft

Four hot-water showers. You can slowly warm the cold body after the tour. It's also easy to wash your feet as the shower head can be removed.

CABIN 1, for a small group tour

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Palau Pacific Divers

P.O.BOX 6085 Koror Palau 96940 

Phone : 680-488-6960

Fax : 680-488-4192

Koror Island・M dock

Before the Palau Aquarium

Open  7:30am to 6:00pm

Open 365 Days.

​Email : info@palaupacificdivers.com

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P.O.BOX 6085 Koror Palau 96940  Phone 680-488-6960 Fax 680-488-4192