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Pacific Divers Staff



Since our opening in 2001, Palau Pacific Divers is doing our best to make you smile when visiting us in Palau. It is a great pleasure to support and accompany you as casts in your memories. We will be happy to help you fully enjoy your stay in Palau so please feel free to tell us if there’s anything.
Now, let 's engrave the relaxing time together in Palau, the country of dreams.

Staff Introduction


Michiyo Miyashita

Instructor, Miya

I grew up in a small isolated island in Japan so I was desperate for the great nature and the sea so I moved to Palau.
20 years have passed since.
My former job was an office worker in Osaka!
Please ask me anything because I know EVERYTHING in Palau!!!


Miyuu Ooi

Instructor, Miyu

I might not look as Japanese but I am actually.
My plan was to live by myself in Palau after finishing Japanese school but couldn’t make it so I’m living with a roommate from Philippine.
Good at diving, not good at cooking.


Kento Ikeda

Instructor, Kent
I used to work for the parachute division of Self Defense Force in Japan.
I also aimed to be a sushi chef but couldn’t put away my dream of becoming a guide for the ocean and decided to come to Palau. 
Rookie as an instructor.
People greet me “hello!” I guess I don’t look like Japanese much.


Takashi Miura

Fishing guide, Takashi.
He used to only visit Palau for 25 years. Now a fishing guide in Palau.
Since he had been a diving guide for many years in Izu Japan and Palau, this man understands the movements and even the feelings of the fish in the ocean.
He will guide the sea in Palau with a commitment. 
Such a passionate man he is.


Jay Okada

Boat Captain, Jay
Born in Pellyu island in 1970.
His last name is Okada, Japanese surnames from his grand father.
Looks kinda scary but when he takes sunglasses out his gentle eyes appears.
He’s got Manta on his back. (Tattoo)


Jason Kings

Instructor, Jason
A descendant of the Kings family which is famous in Palau.
Studied 90% of his Japanese language by self study.
Became PADI instructor in 2006 which is really rare as a Palauans but he really wanted to become a boat captain and other diving instructors.



Tankman and Maintenance, Ruby
From Philippines, 25 years in Palau.
Former carpenter who used to be also involved in our store construction.
He can fix anything broken.
Loves his daughter Rodes and his dog.



Office staff, Iraq
From Mindanao, Philippines.
Single, used to work at a restaurant.
30 years old with cute smile.
Loves Japanese chocolates and cookies.
Goes to church once every two days.



Tour guide, Randy
Originally from Philippines, 26 years old and the eldest son of five brothers.
Love fishing. Drink little too much.
I’m trying very hard to learn Japanese and now I know some like “quick, delicious and cheap!” 
Good at making BBQ!



Boat Captain, Shino
My former job was to handle unexploded ordnance at my hometown pellyu island. Only degree will not lose to anyone.
He is super shy, has a Japanese wife, father of one year old girl and his hobby is to catch fish with harpoons.

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