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[About permission (Permit)] 
In Palau it is obliged to carry a permit when you go out to the sea. 
This proceeds will be used by Koror state government to protect the environment in Palau.
Those planning to go to Jellyfish Lake while staying, please purchase $100 Jellyfish License.
Others must purchase $50 Rock Island license.
They are available at our shop.
Please note that payment of the permit is only accepted cash or travelers check.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation made by 5pm on the day before reserve day.......... 100% refund
Cancellation made by 7am on the reserve day ......... 50% refundCancellation made later than 7am on the reserve day ............ 0% refund

Customer Information

< Rental information >
Tell us what you need to rental and also your height, weight and size of the foot, etc.


Feel free to ask us anything about diving with us.
We will send you a confirmation e-mail within 3 days after receiving your reservation form. By any chance, when our e-mail does not arrive to you within 3 days, we are very sorry to trouble you but please contact us at the address below.

Thank you! ! !

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