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Palau Pacific Divers Environmental Protection Policy

■In Palau, from December 2017 we began a system called "Palau Pledge (pledge)" seeking a pledge for environmental protection at the time of entry.

In Palau, the Pacific island country, where environmental destruction by foreign tourists is serious, we started a system called Palau Pledge (pledge) to seek a pledge for environmental protection when entering the country. Pacific Divers (hereinafter referred to as our store) agrees with this initiative and we promise to do our utmost in order to save Palauan nature for future generations.

"Palau Pledge (pledge)" 

Children of Palau,

I take this pledge,

as your guest,

to preserve and protect

your beautiful and unique

island home.


I vow to tread lightly,

act kindly and

explore mindfully.


I shall not take

what is not given.


I shall not harm

what does not harm me.


The only footprints

I shall leave are those

that will wash away.

Environmental protection on land

Water is the most important everyday item on Earth. Let's use it carefully.

Please keep in mind saving it for washing equipments in tanks and when taking a shower.

In Palau, there are several areas designated as environmental preservation.

One of those areas "Seventeen Island" for example, is forbidden to enter by boat because the turtles lay eggs there. Our shop will not land there for any reason.

Please do not leave any trash behind by all means.

Please refrain from littering the cigarette butts and use portable ashtray.

Our lunch box is reusable for garbage weight reduction.
Drinks are prepared teas not to put out extra garbages.

Environmental protection on sea

Absolutely do not throw away objects from the boat to the sea.

At our shop, plastic containers that take years to disassemble are refrained from use.
It takes months to decompose cigarette butts also.
Please put plastics, aluminum and other trash into the garbage box on the boat or hand them over to the staff.

Our shop is recommending the use of the current hook so as not to hurt the coral.

Please weight-check when entering underwater and make adjustments if necessary.
The fins might injure aquatic creatures if the weights are not right so please be careful.
Also, since coral reefs and seaweeds are very delicate creatures, please use current hooks properly for diving at where flow is fast.
* Those who are worried about how to use will be carefully lectured.

Please do not feed animals and aquatic creatures in Palau to prevent changing the balance of ecosystem.

Please do not force out, chase or touch aquatic creatures such as manta and tortoise from its hiding place. Please wait for it to come out and try to avoid stressing the creature.

​While diving please do not take anything other than photographs.

Regarding Pristine Paradise Environmental Fee

From January 2018, two kinds of tax collection, departure tax (US $ 20.00) and green tax (US $ 30.00) which used to be collected at the airport when you leave Palau are now obsolete and "Pristine Paradise Environmental Fee" = US $ 100.00 (same amount for adults, children and infants) is collected from all travelers.
* It will be payable as added to the airline ticket.

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